How to Switch Account Type for User Account in Windows 11

When there are many user accounts created in the Windows 11 PC, you might have a requirement where you need to switch a user account type from standard to administrator. Procedure to change the user account type has not modified much from the previous operating system version. We will discuss in this article on how to switch the user account type from standard to administrator and vice versa in Windows 11.

How to Switch User Account Type from Standard to Admin or vice versa in Windows 11

Step 1: Open Control Panel.

Press Win key on your keyboard.

Type Control panel and hit Enter key.

Control Panel Search Min

Step 2: In the Control Panel window

Click on Category and select Category from dropdown list as shown.

Then, Click on User Accounts.

User Accounts Category Selected Win11 Min

Step 3: Next, Click on Change account type under User Accounts.

Change User Account Type Win11 Min

Step 4: Now you can choose the user whose account type you need to change.

Choose User Account To Change Account Type Win11 Min

Step 5: After selecting the User account, Click on Change the account type as shown below.

Make Changes To User Account Win11 Min

Step 6: Now you can switch the user account type of an account in Windows 11 PC from either Standard or Administrator.

Then, Click Change Account Type.

Now the user account type has been switched to the newly selected type.

Choose New Acc Type Win 11 Min

Hope this article was helpful in switching user account type.

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