Top fiverr users and their earnings

Earning money online is a tricky business. When you stumble upon any way to get rich online, it seems very easy at first and you start day dreaming and making plans about being free from your full time job. But eventually you realize that the process was not easy and the success icons which you seen making money with it are still there earning more and more and you are still there at the bottom of the pyramid scratching dust.

Why this happens?

The simple answer is that there is an ice breaking point for every damn method in this world and internet is not different from it. Up to that ice breaking point your struggle will reap nothing and you have to keep burning that candle of hope inside you. You have to feed positivism to your hope every day and keep working until you break that ice breaking point. The amount of work done by you do not changes, but only difference which happens in due course is that you start making fortunes out of it by doing the same amount of work you did in days of zero income. For example in blogging 99% of the user leave blogging after six months and they never reach that ice breaking point in their life. They never realize even if there was an ice breaking point or not. But it was there, the only question being, how far from it you burned hopes.

The similar things happen when you want to start earning by doing freelance work. You become stuck in that famous paradox. You will not get rating and reviews on sites like elance and freelancers until you submit few projects and you will not get projects until you have some rating and reviews.

What is Fiverr

Fiverr is an online marketplace of services for five dollars. If you are a seller, you can create an account on fiverr and start selling your service for five dollars. It can be anything.

  1. You can write an article on fiverr
  2. You can do a voice over for 5 dollars.
  3. You can create a logo for 5 dollars.
  4. You can analyze any website from user perspective
  5. You can do anything you want  …


How Fiverr Differs

Fiverr differs from other freelancing sites in a way just because of the magic figure of 5 dollars.

What are five dollars. Nothing!

This microscopic amount prorogues someone to try your services, even when they are skeptical about it. There may be many doubts in mind of the project givers.

  • You are good or not.
  • You are experienced or not.
  • Whether his money will go in vein or not.

These doubts disappear when the buyer looks at the price of service. OMG its only 5. Lets try it.

And thus it lowers the ice breaking point. You start receiving the projects. Look at it from your perspective. Even if you are only going to earn 5 usd, but the time spent on delivering the service is also less. Apart from it you are getting a chance to showcase you talent. After submitting you get rating and review which will boost your orders up to n times. The orders will start poring in,  And its always better to have a ticking account of 20-30 works submitted per day with 100-150 usd credited to your account daily than bidding for projects worth 1000 usd and doing nothing  .

Another thing which is awesome on fiverr is that you can promote your extra or full length services for a higher amount like 50 usd or 100 usd, so that the user who like your service for dollar 5 can pay more to get more out of you. So, in a way fiverr becomes a Place where you can give a Demo for dollar five.

Break the Noise and Show me the Money

Below is a list of top fiverr users and their earnings which can inspire you to quit that suc#ing job of yours.


  1. Rever B

rever b fiverr
River b was 46 year old and was associated with audio production industry for over 25 years. At 46 he felt like stuck in his life. With no career and on the verge of Bankruptcy. It feels bad to know that you are going nowhere. But if you have that feeling in your middle aged life , it feels really painful. He Joined fiverr almost 7 months ago and have completed 1700 orders and earned 85,000 dollars so far. He provides voice overs on Fiverr.


2. Patricia and her son Kris fiverr

Patricia and her son Kris fiverr

This Mother son duo from Canada always wanted to start a business together, but things could not work as expected. Son cris holds a diploma in design and was working in the design industry for many years. One day he was fired from his job and this was the time they decided to give a thumbs up to their dreams. Initially they started a website and started to offer their services over it. But Thats the catch in the online business. Creating your website is easy, but getting visitors is insanely difficult. There are 9 billion websites on earth and millions are being created each year. But showcasing you on a platform like fiverr take the pain out of your A$$. You just have to focus on your product and not on medium of the product. They started selling logo design for $5 on Fiverr and it rocketed like anything. they have completed more than 800 orders till now. Side by side they are running their design firm and they claim Fiverr still accounts for 50% of their income.


kymmypops fiverrKatie was unhappy from his job as most of us are. One day when she was complaining  about his job to his friend, his friend suggested him to try fiverr. Unsure of his abilities she thought what the hell she can do on fiverr and the friend suggested her to sell her vocieover as he thought she had an amazing voice. Initially katie tried fiverr thinking it will be her part time income and targeted $20 a week. But orders started raining in and till date she has earned $1,00,000 from Fiverr. She has left her job and is happy to become a full time freelancer on Fiverr.

4. Kosminy

Cosmin-fiverrThis couple joined 2 years back and have completed more than 4000 orders and have earned approx $2,00,000 on fiverr. He and his gf sell his service of design on fiverr and is living a life of their dreams in a small town in Romania.




mymondo- fiverrMymondo was a marketer who worked for 20 years in marketing industry and one day he said to himself that its over. He can not do this any more. He came across fiverr and started selling voice over for $5. Till date he have earned more than $1,50,000 and has paid down payment for his house with fiverr income.