Downloaded WhatsApp Media Not Showing in Android Device Gallery

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging applications being used worldwide, undoubtedly. Though being at the top of the list, WhatsApp is not flawless. There are many issues that are being reported by many WhatsApp users globally. One such issue is the downloaded WhatsApp media not showing in the gallery issue. Though this might sound like a bug, it is actually a feature! Oh, I know I sound like the software developer guy now. Jokes apart, this is totally a really cool feature that WhatsApp has rolled out. Using this feature, you can enable or disable showing the downloaded WhatsApp media in your device’s gallery.

In this article, we have explained in detail how you can master this simple trick and get that big bug of yours resolved instantly; though that bug is actually a feature! So, what are you waiting for? Let’s dive in, shall we?

Note: Well, there is a small possibility that it is actually a bug and not a feature. In that case, you can follow our solutions to get that bug killed!

Solution 1: By Changing Media Visibility Settings

Section 1: How to Enable Showing Downloaded WhatsApp Media in Gallery

Step 1: Launch WhatsApp Messenger and click on the More Options icon at the top right corner of the screen.


1 Settings Min


Step 2: From the little menu that pops out, click on the Settings option.


2 Settings Option Min


Step 3: Now on the Settings screen, click on the Chats option.


3 Chats Min


Step 4: On the Chats screen, under the Chat settings section, turn the toggle button to On state against the option Media visibility.

This should instantly enable showing the downloaded WhatsApp media on your Gallery. Enjoy!


4 Media Visibility Min


Section 2: How to Disable Showing Downloaded WhatsApp Media in Gallery

Now if you would like to disable showing the downloaded WhatsApp media in your Gallery, you just need to follow the same steps as in the section above. But in the last step, turn off the toggle button against the Media visibility option. Yes, it is as simple as that.


5 Media Visibility Off Min


If the above solution doesn’t fix the issue for you, then it could actually be a bug than a feature. In that case, please try out the solutions listed below one by one to get your issue resolved in a matter of seconds.

Solution 2: Change Media Auto-download Settings

Step 1: Launch WhatsApp and click on the More Options icon located at the very top right corner of the screen.


1 Settings Min


Step 2: Click on the Settings option next.


2 Settings Option Min


Step 3: From the Settings screen, click on the Storage and data option.


1 Storage Data Min


Step 4: Now under the Media auto-download section, click on the option that says When using mobile data.


2 Mobile Data Min


Step 5: Check the checkbox corresponding to the option Photos and click on the OK button.


3 Photos Min


Step 6: Do the same for the other 2 options, When connected on Wi-Fi and When roaming options under the Media auto-download section.


4 All Photos Min


That’s it. You can now check whether the issue is resolved or not.

Solution 3: Check your Internal Storage

Every Android device would have an application to manage the files and folders. On some phones, it could be in the name My Files, on some other phones, File Manager, etc. Find the file manager on your device and launch it to check the internal storage remaining in your device. You should have at least 500 MB of storage available. Though it is preferred to have at least 1 GB of storage remaining always.


1 Internal Storage


Solution 4: Update WhatsApp Messenger to the Latest Version Available

Step 1: Launch the Play Store application and search for WhatsApp using the search bar at the top.

From the search results, click on the WhatsApp Messenger application.


2 Search Whatsapp Min


Step 2: If you have any pending updates available, then you will have the Update button on this screen. Click on the Update button to get your WhatsApp updated to the latest version available.

Note: I don’t have the Update button available because my WhatsApp application is up-to-date.


3 Update Min


Solution 5: Delete the .nomedia File

Step 1: Launch the My Files application.


7 My Files Min


Step 2: Click on the Internal Storage option.


8 Internal Storage Min


Step 3: Hit the Search bar at the top of the screen.


17 Search Min


Step 4: Start typing in WhatsApp on the search bar and click on the WhatsApp folder from the search results that start to appear.


18 Open Whatsapp Min


Step 5: As next, at the top right corner of the screen, click on the 3 vertical dots icon.


19 More Options Min


Step 6: Now click on the Settings option from the list of options available.


20 Settings Min


Step 7: Under the section File management, turn on the toggle button corresponding to the option Show hidden system files. Then hit the Back button at the top.


21 Show Hidden Min


Step 8: You will be able to see all the hidden files now. Open the .Shared folder.


22 Sahred Min


Step 9: Inside the .Shared folder, find and long press on the .nomedia file to select it. Once it is selected, hit the Bin icon at the bottom to delete it.


23 No Media Delete Min


Solution 6: Restart the Device

If none of the above solutions fixed the issue for you, try restarting your Android device once. This might fix the issue readily. If the issue is still not gone, please head on to the last and final solution.

Solution 7: Uninstall and Re-install the Application

The very last solution that you can try is to uninstall the application and then install it back. Before proceeding with this solution, make sure you have taken a backup of WhatsApp chats and files. Once everything is ready, go ahead and uninstall the WhatsApp application. After that, try installing the application back and check if your issue is resolved or not.

Please tell us in the comments section which method fixed the issue for you.

Stay tuned for more simple and super useful technical solutions, how-tos, hacks, tips, and tricks! Happy Geeking!