The delayed auto-start flag could not be set – Windows Service error

Many users are reporting that they could not set some services in the windows service manager to automatic mode and it gives the error. The message of the error says The delayed auto start flag could not be set, error 87.

The error occurs when users try to delay some services on Windows to make the computer boot faster. We have found different solutions for this error, you can use any one to solve the error.

Prelimary Fix:

Try rebooting your PC and then again try to set delayed start for the particular service

Solution 1 – Delay auto-start by Windows Registry Editor

STEP 1: Press the Windows and R keys together to open the Run dialogue box. Type regedit into the textbox and then click on the OK button. It will open up the Windows Registry editor.

Regedit Run

STEP 2: Press Yes button on the user account control prompt

STEP 3: Navigate to the following location in the registry, you can also paste the path into the address bar.


Registry Path


STEP 4: Here you will find list of services, choose the one from the left pane which you wanted to delay. 

STEP 5: Once you selected the service, double click on the Start name from the right pane.

Registry Service

STEP 6: Change the Value to 2 and then save it. Close the registry window.

Screenshot 2023 01 04 160255 Min

Solution 2 – Delay by Windows Powershell command


STEP 1: Press Windows and X keys together and then select Windows Powershell(admin).

Start Right Click Windows Powershell Admin

STEP 2: Press Yes button on the user account control prompt

STEP 3: Type the following command into the Powershell window and then hit the enter to execute it.


Get-Service -Name ServiceName | Set-Service -StartupType AutomaticDelayedStart


Note: Replace ServiceName with service you want to make delayed.

Solution 3 – Clean Boot your PC

1 – Press CTRL + SHIFT + Esc keys to open Task manager

2 -Now, Go to startup tab and right click and disable all items

Task Manager Startup Right Click On Apps One By One Disable


3 – Now, Press Windows and R key and then write msconfig in it and click OK

Msconfig Ok Min


4 – Now, Click Services Tab.

5 – Now, select Hide all Microsoft services

6 – Now, click on disable all

Screenshot 2023 01 04 155545 Min


7 -Now, restart computer

Solution 4 – Delete service from the service groups


Many services are grouped together in the services menu so you won’t be able to directly change their settings without degrouping them. If you try to change any settings you will get the access denied error, follow the steps below to remove the group


STEP 1: Open Windows Registry by entering regedit in the run dialogue box.

Regedit Run

STEP 2: Open the following location in the registry editor


Now, click on the folder related to the ServiceName with your desired service

STEP 3: In the right side , Just Right Click on the Group name and select delete. Confirm the deletion if it asks you to.

Delete Value Registy