Modern Setup Host High Disk Usage Fix In Windows 10

Windows updates are essential to improve your overall PC performance, security patches, upgrades features, and also offers fixes for many errors. While the updates are downloaded straight to your PC, the installation is done by some components that come integrated with the OS. One of the components include the Modern Setup Host that’s supposed to run in the background whenever the update is getting installed.

However, some users have been experiencing this problem where they see  “Modern Setup Host causing high CPU usage” error in Windows 10 or another error message “Modern Setup Host has Stopped Working“. Fortunately, there are a couple of ways to fix this issue. Let’s see how.


Method 1: Through the Settings App


Step 1: Go to Start, click on it and select Settings from the menu.


Desktop Start Settings


Step 2: In the Settings window, click on System.


Settings System


Step 3: In the System settings, on the left side of the pane, click on Notifications & actions.


Settings System Notifications & Actions


Step 4: Now, go to the right side of the pane, and under Notifications, uncheck the box next to Get tips, tricks, and suggestions as you use Windows.


System Settings Right Side Notifications Get Tips, Tricks, And Suggestions As You Use Windows Uncheck


Step 5: Go back to Settings home and click on Personalisation.


Settings Personalization


Step 6: Next, on the left side of the screen, select Start.


Settings Personalization Start


Step 7: Then navigate to the right side of the screen and go to Show suggestions occasionally in Start option. Turn it off.


Personalization Start Right Side Show Suggestions Occasionally In Start Turn Off


Step 8: Now, go back to the Settings home again and select Privacy.


Settings Privacy


Step 9: In the next window, on the left side of the pane, scroll down and click on Background apps.


Settings Privacy Background Apps


Step 10:  Then, go to the right side of the pane, and under Select which apps can run in the background, turn off any of the apps that you do not want to keep running in the background.


Background Apps Select Which Apps Run In The Background Apps Turn Off Apps That Are Not Used


Now, you can restart your PC and you should not see the “Modern Setup Host causing high CPU usage” error in your Windows 10 PC again.

But, if you are still experiencing the error, follow the 2nd method.


Method 2: Using Indexing Options


Step 1: Right-click on Start and select run from the menu.


Desktop Start Right Click Run


Step 2: In the Run command box, type control.exe srchadmin.dll and hit Enter.


Run Command Search Control.exe Srchadmin.dll Enter


Step 3: It opens the Indexing Options window. Click on Modify.


Indexing Options Modify


Step 4: Next, in the Indexed Locations dialogue box, under the Change selected locations, uncheck all the options to disable the files.

Press OK to save the changes and exit.


Modify Indexed Locations Change Selected Locations Uncheck All Ok


*Note – Make a note a of what you unchecked, so that if required, you can enable them back again at a later date.


That’s all. You can reboot your PC and you should not encounter the error anymore.